Published at 24/08/17

EVEN MORE PROTECTION FOR YOUR SKIN – AND THE ENVIRONMENT The German brand SWOX established its reputation with premium and functional sunscreens for demanding water and alpine athletes. Recently SWOX gave its products a makeover: More sun protection, an easier application and an ecofriendl...
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Published at 10/01/17
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January 4, 2017 created by Chris Yates / PWA20 Questions with Robby Swift ...
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Gareth Budge is from Coffs Harbour, Australia and was visiting friend, Brad Gerlach in Los Angeles, CA. We set out in the morning to El Porto in Hermosa Beach. The waves definitely weren’t Pipeline, but that didn’t stop Gareth from showing us how to abuse these smaller sets with his black MISFIT ...
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SWOX are the official sun protection sponsors of the PWA and already have a strong team, but are always on the look out for new possibilities. The latest of which is none other than Jaeger Stone (Starboard / Severne), who has taken the PWA Wave World Tour by storm since returning in 2014.Stone is...
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Curt 81 leckomio

Sonne und Wellen waren die Inspirationsquellen für die Jungs von SWOX, die auf einem Buddy-Trip durch Australien auf die Idee kamen, eine hochwertige und wirklich funktionale Sonnencreme für Surfer auf den Markt zu bringen. Die Creme wird in der Schweiz hergestellt , hat Faktor 30 und ist besonde...
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Die Stiftung Warentest hat 25 exemplarisch ausgewählte Kosmetika untersucht, die auf Mineralöl basieren. Alle sind mit kritischen Substanzen belastet, von denen einige sogar als potenziell krebs­er­regend gelten. Es handelt sich dabei um aromatische Kohlen­wasser­stoffe (MOAH). Die Tester fanden ...
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Adam lewis

Since last year, you would have noted that the PWA crew has been using a product called SWOX, you have seen it in photos online and if you have attended any of the PWA events you would have seen the PWA crew and some riders using the same product, this is why we are here today meeting with Maximi...
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Wenn man den ganzen Tag am Strand verbringt, die besten Wellen surft und mit Freunden eine gute Zeit hat, ist der richtige Sonnenschutz ein Thema, das man nicht unter den Tisch fallen lassen sollte. Die Swox Sonnencreme ist perfekt auf die Ansprüche von Surfern zugeschnitten; extremer Sport hat s...
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Jule und Lotta Görge starten als Sailing Team Germany in der 49erFX-Klasse um einen Startplatz bei den Olympischen Spielen 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Ihr ganz großes Ziel lautet: "Eine Medaille bei den Olympischen Spielen zu holen." Wir wünschen viel Glück auf dem Weg nach Brasilien! SWOX stattet di...
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It’s that time of the year again, where everyone from our home country (Canada) gets to feel a little bit of the warmth that live in year round. That may sound like I am rubbing it in, but trust me, I am not. We live in the sun, all the time…downside, I will look like I am 60 years old by my late...
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Swox grnder maximilian jagsch im schnee

In It To Win It: Maximilian Jagsch Mit SWOX hat Max Jagsch eine Sunscreen für Surfer etabliert. Evoha könnte Skifahrern die Haut retten. Maximilian Jagsch hat das Talent, Menschen für Ideen zu begeistern. Das muss er auch, schließlich ist der 37-jährige mit jeder Faser seines Körpers Unternehmer....
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Hello Tim, How are you? Well, thank you. Just had a fun session over at Bondi beach. So, SWOX, how did it all start? I actually grew up windsurfing and surfing (semi) professionally in Germany travelling all over the world and also living in South Africa... but then got stranded being ...
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ZDFNeo: Start me up

Published at 07/06/13

A video from the TV show Start me up, which featured SWOX Surf Protection and the first years of its business.
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Video: Models in Action

Published at 04/06/13
Swox video

We’ve already shown you quite a bit of what it looks like behind the scenes of our own photo shoots, so proving that we’re no more (or less) chaotic than others, here’s a bit of Swox Sun Screen shootings in breath taking waves and on stunning beaches…
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Cooler swox

Inside-out is the headline of the Magazine Cooler. Fresh on the market this year is Swox, a new line of sun-protection products, designed by surfers and snowboarders with, as you might expect, surfing and snowboarding in mind. The Australian/German hybrid company have developed a line of products...
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