Alberto Rondina

Alby portrait Alberto Rondina / Nick name: Alby aka Italian Stallion
Riccione, Italy
birthdate: 14.11.1989
kiteboarding since: 2002
stance: goofy and regular, the widest one on my Xcaliber board
favourite trick: goofy: Mobydick 5 nose grab / regular: Blind Pete tail grab
sponsors: Cabrinha, Npsurf, SWOX, Gopro
Hey Alby,

Besides of kiteboarding, we have heard to that you are really athletic in various ways. Would you tell us a bit more about your sports development as a professional:
I got into sports super early, cause my dad always been a windsurfer. I started bodyboarding at 5 years old, then surfing, windsurfing and I started kiteboarding in 2002. In the meantime I did gymnastics, also won a couple Italian titles on it ;) I started competing in kiteboarding in 2004, from the Italian Championship, to the European then the World Tour until 2014.

What is your favourite spot / training location:
There are just too many good spots out there to choose from! Depending on the conditions and on the type of sesh i wanna do, freestyle or waveriding, these would be my favorite spots: Maui, Brazil, Mauritius, Canaries, Sicily.

Would you introduce us to your favourite boards and why you would recommend it?
I’ve developed Xcaliber board together with Cabrinha in the last couple years and I’m stoked on the result. The Xcaliber is just a sick board! Great mix of explosive pop and pillow soft landing!

So your board kind of inspires you, but to be more profound: Who or what else inspires you? What is your passion in life?
I get inspired from people following their dreams and passions, doing all they can to be happy, no matter what. The world can be so cruel and unfriendly sometimes and its great to find people like that.

Do you follow a special way of life? e.g. Food, Training, Motivation, your way of thinking …
I’m vegan since 5 years now, and its been a great experience so far. Being vegan in Italy is definitely not an easy thing, cause everything has got either Prosciutto or Parmesan in it…and they do make fun of you! But I felt super good when I changed and I feel good everyday about my new way of life.

From your point of view, what is the best city/place to live on earth and why?
I love Maui since the first time i went there with my family in 1999. It's the place where kiteboarding started and I always feel a special vibe when spending time in the water over there. The atmosphere, the people, the colors, the place - it is just magical.

If you could pick two athletes (dead or alive) to go surf / train with, who would they be and where would you go?
I love waves and kickers, so I would definitely go to Maui and I would be beyond stoked to kite with two legends such as Lou Wainman and Andre Phillip.

What are your future goals? What do you want to achieve next?
I moved on from competitions and I would like to reach out to as many people as possible to grow our sport and spread the love for the ocean, the wind and the waves.

Is there something more you want to tell us?
Jokes, wisdoms, feedbacks, inspiration … all welcome.
I met this famous shaper when i was a kid, he gave me his autograph and he wrote: Always follow your dreams. I’m living mine.

One quote about SWOX. What do you think about SWOX?
That´s easy, I don't get burnt anymore! If its either surfing, kiting or wakeboarding, the Swox Zinc is my best buddy now!