Chyna Charles

Chyna portrait Chyna Charles
Bondi, Australia
birthdate: 16th. September 1993
surfing since: 2004
best trick: Floater
stance: Regular
sponsor: SWOX, R18 Surfboards

How do your friends call you?

You have been surfing since 2004, do you have a favorite surfspot?
Yeah, home! Bondi.

Which is your favorite board?
Fluro Pink Magic Stick 5'10

Chy, who or what inspires you?
My Mum.

If you had to pick two surfers, dead or alive, to go surf with. Who would they be and where would you go?
Coco Ho and Andy Irons and go to the Tello Islands.

Which is the best city on earth and why?
Barcelona, the people are crazy (in a good way) and amazing surf in the winter.

Do you have your own way of life? What do you want to achieve next?
When in doubt paddel out. This is something I follow. But I am a very happy person - so in one word: Happiness!!! For the future I like getting through State Titles to Nationals or Worlds and to continue travelling the world.