Ethan Morgan

Ethan Ethan Morgan
birthdate: 5. November 1991
snowboardinging since: 1998
best trick: tindy flip
stance: wide and regs
sponsor: SWOX, Rome, Electric, Planet Sports

Hey Ethan, how are you doing?
Good thanks.

How do your friends call you?
They call me Ifen.

You have been snowboarding since 1998, do you have a favorite snowspot?
Yeah, Penken in the Alps. Its close to Mayrhofen in Austria.

Ethan, who or what inspires you?
Nobody and nothing, just my objectives

If you had to pick two snowboarders, dead or alive, to go snowboarding with. Who would they be?
I would choose Mario Käppeli and Luka Jeromel.

Well, I'm sure you three would have a great time with amazing runs. But back to the future, do you have plans für the next six months?
For sure, i want to do well in riding competitions and produce a smooth part in the new isen movie.

I wish you the best for thees goals. But to go shooting and attend contests is aligned with some traveling, which is the best city on earth for you and why?
Best city for me is Vancouver in the west of Canada. I like it a lot because there you've got everything you need. Party, shops, you can surf and go snowboarding, its really cold in winter and gets hot in summer, you meet nice and mean people, just great!

Fine, do you have your own way of life?
Send it.