Gareth Budge

002 Gareth Budge
Coffs Harbour, AUS
birthdate: Summer of '84
surfing since: 2002
best trick: Carve
stance: regular
sponsor: Misfit Surfboards • Albens Cider • SWOX • Resort Latitude Zero • Gorilla Surf Accessories

How do your friends call you?
Budge, Budgie, Ranga, Fantapants, Shiraz

You have been surfing since 2002, do you have a favorite surfspot?
Indonesia (Bali, Telo Islands).

Which is your favorite board?
Misfit Shapes, any Dave and Chongy creation turns out to be a dreamboat.

Gareth, who or what inspires you?
I'm inspired by anyone having fun and doing what they love, regardless of financial benefit. Andy Warhol's novel "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol from A to B & Back Again" is a go to for inspiration. I'm passionate about Red Wine, Music, Surfing and Females.

If you had to pick two surfers, dead or alive, to go surf with. Who would they be and where would you go?
I would pick two of my good mates; there is nothing better than good waves and good company. It doesn't really mater as long as it is fun with excessive hooting and you don't have to ware a wetsuit. At the moment those two would be Mick Curley and Lance Slabbert we all live in the same street and are two very unique humans.

Which is the best city on earth and why?
London. The live music scene there is second to none. Bricklane on a Sunday is hard to beat for good times, good music and good people..

Do you have your own way of life? What do you want to achieve next - What are your future goals?
I try to eat at least a spoon full of Nutella daily with a glass of Red Wine in the evenings and enter the ocean most days. Goals hmmm don't really have any, just to make the most of every situation and have a goodtime. I just did a trip with Twiggy Baker and that has opened my eyes to the whole big wave thing not 50 foot waves of doom but just a little bigger for me personally and different boards. I just want to have fun and be sun smart, as a ranga this is vital.

Last word for today?
"Time is time was" – Andy Warhol

Foto, Portait & Action: Mick Curley