Mirjam Jaeger

Mirjam portrait Mirjam Jaeger
hometown: Zürich, Switzerland
skiing since: 1984
best trick: Alleoop 540
sponsors: Peak Performance, Bollé, Pull-in Underwear, Salon29 Denver, SWOX
Hey Mirjam, how do your friends call you?
Mimi, M.J. or Mir-Jam

When did you start skiing?
I started skiing when I was 2. Uhhh! I was also snowboarding quite a lot and as I am living in San Diego (CA) I also go surfing when ever I can. Loving it.

Mirjam, who or what inspires you?
Music inspires me... I listen to music when I ski, in competitions, when I work out, when I travel, when I’m feeling down, when I’m happy… music does it’s magic! ;-)

Do you have your own way of life? If yes, what is it and do you follow it?
Yes, I guess I do. I’m just trying to have fun, live life to the fullest but still have some structure in it …my goal is to be successful in what I do. So I work really hard at everything I do!

Which is the best city on earth and why?
San Diego, CA….the nice weather, the laid back people, lots of outdoors sports possibilities, the beach is right there, the mountains 2.5 hours away…. Do I need any more to say? ;-)

So if you could pick 3 snowboarders/skier (dead or alive) to have a session with, who would they be and where would you go? I’d pick Seth Morrison, Ingrid Backstrom and Glen Plake…we’d go powder skiing ;-) haha!

Nice, and at last, what are your goals for next year?
I wanna keep on progressing, learn a few new tricks and most important - stay injury free. A couple of podium finishes would be nice too… like every season ;-)

Haha, thanks for the chat M.J.!
Yeah! Thanks it was a pleasure!