Tao Schirrmacher

Taop Tao Schirrmacher
surfing since: 2002
best trick: Air-Reverse
stance: Regular
sponsors: SWOX, Quicksilver, PlanetSports, Fatum, Big Ding

Hey Tao, you have been surfing since 2002. Where is your favorite surfspot?
My favorite spot is Praia Azul, Coxos (Portugal).

Good to know, which board is your favourite one?
My 5`4 Fatum.

Tao, who or what inspires you?
I get inspired by natural details. I love graphic designs. And Kelly Slater inspires me.

If you had to pick two surfers to go surf with. Who would they be and where would you go?
I would pick Kelly Slater / La Piste and Mick Fanning / Snappers. I guess this would be a lot of fun!

What are your plans for the next months?
I want to surf, work on my own brand "BigDing" (a Surf Repair Kit) and make some solid designs.

Ok thanks Tao and good luck with BigDing?
Yeah! Thanks!