We are a group of avid surfers and snowboarders. On our trips to the Australian coast and the Swiss Alps, we learned the hard way that most sunscreen products are not made for extreme conditions.

We needed something we could rely on to protect our skin from damage, ageing and cancer. So we created SWOX – a sunscreen specifically designed to give surfers, snowboarders and outdoor athletes the protection they need.

Our products are developed with the expertise of medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic professionals and the experience of our pro team of international athletes.


Maximilian Jagsch
CEO / Founder

Entrepreneur with a strong marketing and consulting background, living near to the best powder destinations in the alps.

Dr. Tim Pelz

Plastic surgeon and expert in skin cancer prevention, living next to one of the best surf spots in Byron Bay, Australia.

Ralph Kenke

Head of Design, living and lecturing design right at the best breaks in New South Wales, Australia.