The best ideas are born from passion. This held true for Max, Tim Peltz and Ralph Kenke, when they started SWOX over seven years ago during a surf trip in Australia. They wanted a sunscreen that would protect their skin during long surf sessions, as well as environmentally friendly and safe for their health.

SWOX soon grew into a premium sunscreen brand with quality lotions and highly protective zinc creams for ambitious athletes who spend a lot of time in the lineup or in the mountains.

The success of SWOX is driven by CEO Maximilian Jagsch and CFO Laurence Gaubert-Quednau, who continuously work to strengthen the brand’s market position and secure long-term growth.

Swiss sun protection expert Uli Osterwalder ensures that all ingredients, sun filters and formulas are at the cutting edge of cosmetics research and development.

The biggest testament to the quality of our products is the community of world-class surfers who use SWOX. We take pride in our team of athletes, among which world-class surfer Jordy Smith counts himself. Jordy contributes his valuable experience as a pro surfer to the development of our sunscreen products.


Maximilian Jagsch

Max is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in marketing and consulting, such as at Hubert Burda Media and UnternehmerTUM innovation center. A passionate surfer and snowboarder. Max lives in Munich, but in winter you’ll most likely find him chasing the best powder in the Allgäu Alps. At SWOX, Max keeps everything in check––from product development to marketing and sales. 

Laurence Gaubert

Laurence, an international experienced CFO, has worked for multinational companies and start-ups across five different countries. Her industry experience ranges from Automobiles to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Cosmetics and High-tech. She crunches the numbers at SWOX and manages the company’s long-term strategy.

Uli Osterwalder

Uli has a diploma in chemistry from the renowned ETH in Zurich and an MSc from the University of Houston. In his 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, he has brought two new UV-filter technologies to market and published over 30 academic papers about UV-protection and sunscreens. At SWOX, Uli is involved as consultant in the continuous development of our sunscreen formulas.