Nick name:

Lisbon, Portugal



surfing since:


favourite trick:

Gigante Expeditions,
Bjorkvin, Ocean & Earth,
VANS, SATA Airlines,
AgentEighteen Wetsuits,
Rollei actioncam,
Webster Surfboards,
Nazarent Nazaré,

„I feel really proud to belong to the Swox Family!“

Hugo Vau

Hi Hugo,

How do your friends call you?

You are surfing since 1992 – what are your favourite spots and wich spot is still on your list?
Noth Beach – Nazaré, Peralta, Vila Nova OutReef – Azores. I never surfed Teahuppo – thats the one!

What is your favorite Board?
6.0 “ Tow-in board and 6.2″ and 9.6″ for paddle – all Webster Surfboards

What is your passion?
My passion and inspiration is my wife and family with the good vibes and the connection with the Nature that surround us everyday.

Can you give us an insight in your daily life?
I try to be in the Ocean everyday, and surf every time that´s possible, in all conditions. My daily life at „Gigante Expeditions“ it´s quite intense: boat rides, snorkelling, free dive, spearfishing, fishing, long walks in the mountains… in the end Nature is my favourite gym. I love to eat fresh food specially fish, vegetables and a lot of fruit, and have a relaxed lifestyle.

Besides those „Gigante Expeditions“ – whats the best place to life at on earth?
Terceira Island – Azores, It´s a beautiful place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a cool and safe place, with friendly people, some nice waves and a stunning wild life and Nature.

If you could pick two surfers (dead or alive) to go surf with, who would they be and where would you go?
I would like to surf Praia do Norte – Nazaré always with Andrew Cotton and Garrett McNamara like we did the last seasons…. and have Buttons and Andy Irons with us for some extra fun, they already are but spiritually!!!

What are your goals for the next season?
My goals are to increase my knowledge in the sea, have fun out there with my surf mates …and if the Ocean choose me to ride the biggest wave ever … be ready for that!

Is there something more you want to tell us?
Just want to thank you for all the support friendship! I feel really proud to belong to the Swox Family!! Live your dreams and keep up with the great work!!! Can´t wait to surf together with you!