Nick name:

Somerset, GB



windsurfing since:


favourite trick:

double forward loop
or wave 360
Fanatic, North Sails,
ION Essentials,

“I guess the most important is to have as much fun on and in the water as possible!”

Adam Lewis

Hi Adam, how do your friends call you?
They call me Ads

You have been surfing since 2003, do you have a favorite surfspot?
Gnaraloo, Western Australia

Which is your favorite board?
My Fanatic quad 89

Adam, who or what inspires you?
I guess you could say my passion is water, I could swim before I could walk and I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger, I love surfing and now I’m a professional windsurfer. Its always been a massive part of my life.

If you had to pick two surfers, dead or alive, to go surf with. Who would they be and where would you go?
George Shilito and Chris Murray. They are two guys I grew up windsurfing and surfing with. Actually with those two guys you could go anywhere and have the best time! Their my boys, haha!

Which is the best city on earth and why?
That’s a hard one, I guess so far the best one I’ve been to would be Cape Town because its mixes good surfing and windsurfing and still has a really cool city with nice cafés, bars restaurants and cool things to do when its flat.

Do you have your own way of life? What do you want to achieve next?
I guess so. My whole life is geared around getting in or on the water. That’s pretty special in its self! I guess the most important is to have as much fun on and in the water as possible, but competive wise I’d love to get a top 10 overall PWA ranking. I really would like to get a world tour podium and to be UK champion. Yes!

Is there something more you want to tell us?
Ok, Why did the Lobster turn red? Because the sea-weed 😉 Hahaha