Founder & CEO Maximilian Jagsch about SWOX IMPACT

“TIME IS NOW. Sustainability is not enough”

Max, how is sustainability part of the SWOX brand?

From the very beginning it was always important to us that our products are as environmental responsible as possible. Now, that’s a very vague term. But growing up in the 80s and 90s, we truly felt that we can’t just focus on the product itself, but also have to make sustainability a big part of our mission. With our product line, production, supply chain and every-day corporate life we always think twice – is there a more environmental friendly way to do it, how can we possibly improve what we’re doing now. That’s the status quo we are coming from.

In your opinion, what’s the status quo of our environment?

We are in a climate crisis. We can’t ignore the fact anymore. We have to embrace it, work on solutions. Time is now. Research suggests that we have about ten years to reverse global warming. And that is just one of the man-made problems our ocean and this planet has to face.

Our parents’ generation did not know better and even we grew up not knowing a lot about climate change. But now we know and we all must be concerned and work on solutions. What can each individual possibly contribute to solve this crisis? If we act as a collective, we can do the change needed to have the future we want for our children and the future generations.

Max, where do business and sustainability meet?

Companies, start-ups and big players alike, benefit from a global market with open boarders and new communication channels. There are so many new opportunities, but they all come with new responsibilities. There’s no doubt that one is the obligation to make sustainability a core value of any company, the DNA for every process of production and workflow.

I can see this fact being a great opportunity for young companies, small or large, to make things better, start from scratch.

What does SWOX IMPACT mean?

We went from global warming, to climate change to a climate crisis. We, as surfers, travellers and outdoor lovers, know first hand what the impact of climate change and polluted oceans is. But sometimes it’s hard to see solutions or to change our behaviour and habits. Oh those habits!  On this newly created part of our website, we want to show what we can do by offering solutions for every one to face this crisis. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, but sometimes it needs some time and penetration to change a habit or to act. We will be telling stories of our friends and athletes, reporting latest research, sharing facts and news about anything IMPACT.