Top 10 environmental friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner; in fact you only have a few more days to think about how you want to thank your Mom this year. While it’s a great opportunity to pause the busy every day life and appreciate your Mom, it’s equally important to do so in an environmental friendly and sustainable manner.

Ordering gifts online, which get delivered through the entire country right to your doorstep, purchasing flowers, which grew thousands of miles away with the help of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, gifting cosmetics, which include chemicals harmful for our oceans or wrapping them in gift wrapping paper and ribbons, which all end up in land fill…you get where we are coming from: Mother’s Day by nature has a lot of unsustainable traditions.

Think twice this year and create or purchase sustainable gifts for your Mom and Mother Earth. Our Top 10 environmental friendly Mother’s day gifts are:

  1. A gift card for local restorative yoga or gymnastics classes are an excellent way to get your Mom time to relax. This might even start a great new habit for her.

  2. A new straw hat makes for a happy gardening Mom!

  3. A spa afternoon you set up at home with all organic, cruel free, sustainable cosmetics

  4. A beautiful pot plant or garden plant from your local nursery are a much more sustainable alternative to fresh flowers

  5. Theatre or concert tickets – Make sure to get two so she can bring you or a friend!

  6. An annual membership for a local museum, club or public indoor pool

  7. A homemade cake or meal your Mom loves, but rarely makes for herself

  8. Think Vintage first when buying a gift – Your local second hand shop is full of treasures!

  9. A book, ebook or audiobook gives your Mom time off on the couch or keeps her entertained during her daily commute. Think entertainment or education!

  10. Handmade gifts come in all shapes and sizes. They are not just something cute you’ve made as a child. Pinterest is full of amazing gift ideas, or get your inspiration at a local DIY market!


While those are our Top 10 at #SWOXIMPACT, we encourage you to browse for more environmental friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day at FORBES, GOING ZERO WASTE or GREEN MATTERS.