Aloha, SWOX Community!

We at SWOX are super stoked to announce our new Team Riders and offer you the chance to save up to 40% on our special product deal for 2019! No one less than Pro Surfer Wade Carmichael, Bianca Buitendag, Windsurfer Víctor Fernández López and Freeskier Lena Stoffeljoined our Team of pro athletes in the past months. The 25-year old Australian Pro […]

Surf Europe recommends SWOX!

As Surf Europe poetically puts it: “there are suncreams, and there are suncreams”. Some suncreams contain nasty chemicals that can affect our health and harm coral reefs. Others, like SWOX, don’t. One of those chemicals, oxybenzone, was recently banned in Hawaii. Surf Europe took the opportunity to recommend three suncreams that are oxybenzone-free and specifically […]

Hawaii is the first state to ban certain sunscreen ingredients to protect its coral reefs

You can continue using SWOX in Hawaii! As lately reported via several media channels, Hawaii is about to be the first state to ban sunscreen sales with certain UV filters. “Research studies have found that chemicals found in some popular sunscreen products are harmful to ocean ecosystems. And now, after state lawmakers passed a bill […]

SWOX product relaunch: Even more protection for your skin – and the environment

The German brand SWOX is known for its premium, high performance sunscreens for outdoor athletes. Now, SWOX products provide even better sun protection, easier application and eco-friendly biobased packaging. The new range of sunscreens has updated product names, a broader choice of sun protection factors and a lighter consistency for easier application, sustainably packaged in […]