Mineral sunscreen

High UVA and UVB protection for surfers and everyone looking for a reliable sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin.


SWOX Zinc Properties:

Mineral Sunscreen
Performance Zinc SPF50

SWOX Zinc products offer extra high mineral sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. They also provide lasting care and have anti-aging properties. Free from perfumes, parabens and alcohols, SWOX sunscreens are suitable for sensitive skin types. Our mineral sunscreen formula is developed by experts and does not contain any chemical filters.


SWOX Performance Zinc Formula:

  1. Maximum mineral sun protection, no white cast.

  2. Smooth, non-greasy formula.

  3. Mineral filters: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  

  4. The antioxidant vitamin E and nourishing panthenol provide regenerative care and have anti-aging properties.

  5. Extra-waterproof water-in-oil emulsion formula.

  6. No chemical filters, no parabens, no perfumes.


The SWOX Zinc formulas are available in two shades.

Zinc White:

The Zinc White formula appears white, but quickly blends in to the skin. We recommend applying an extra layer for longer surf sessions – especially on very exposed areas like the nose, forehead and cheekbones. 


Zinc Beige:

Zinc sunscreen with subtle beige pigments that provide extra protection and even out small blemishes. The extremely protective formula is optimal for use in tropical regions. 

Mineralische Sonnencreme
Weltkarte: Mineralische Sonnencreme Anwendung
Weltkarte: Mineralische Sonnencreme Anwendung