NEW: Skincare, organic ingredients and mineral sports sunscreen

SWOX Sport Sonnenschutz Sonnencreme
SWOX Sports sun protection have expanded their product range to include skincare and regenerative after sun products. Hemp seed oil and organic aloe vera are just a few of the high-grade natural ingredients included in the new SWOX skincare line. The new products offer deep nourishment and antioxidant protection that perfectly complements SWOX sports sun protection. The new SWOX Mineral Line provides reliable protection for sensitive skin, kids and babies (1+) without leaving a sticky, white residue. In addition, the SWOX Sunscreen Lotion has received an eco-friendly formula update. The SWOX Lotion and Zinc cream continue to be the sun protection of choice for professional athletes. In response to the current pandemic, SWOX has also developed an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with aloe vera.

For more than ten years, the Munich-based sunscreen brand SWOX has been providing superior sun protection for surfers and athletes worldwide. SWOX specialize in waterproof, highly effective and environmentally conscious sun protection. Today, the spectrum of professional athletes who trust in SWOX has expanded from a core group of surfers to include snowboarders, skiers, runners, beach volleyballers, kiteboarders, golfers and mountain bikers worldwide.

SWOX athletes like World Tour surfer Jordy Smith (ZAF), mountain bike pro Steffi Marth (GER) and wind surfing world champion Víctor Fernández (SPA) put SWOX products under the ultimate stress-test and their valuable feedback goes straight back to the development team for continual improvement.

By introducing a line of skin care and after sun products to complement its range of sunscreens, SWOX now offers a comprehensive daily regimen of sun protection and skincare products for athletes.

updated classic lotion formula and new mineral line

The SWOX Classic Line formula, which utilises a mix of organic and mineral filters, has been updated for 2020. These lotions and creams are free from microplastics, parabens, alcohol, endocrine-disruptors and perfumes. They are very resistant to water and sweat, absorb quickly, are easy to spread and are declared as ‘reef-safe’. The Classic Line is the sun protection of choice for most SWOX athletes . The 2020 formula update has removed an ingredient which was classified under microplastics, included in the original formula at a concentration of 0.2 percent to improve the fluidity of the lotion. By removing this ingredient, SWOX lotions are now fully free from microplastics. The range now also includes an SPF 20 Lotion for darker skin types or less intensive sun exposure.


The SWOX Mineral Line is a brand-new addition to the SWOX portfolio and offers gentle, reliable protection for sensitive skin. All products are hypoallergenic and especially suitable for kids. SWOX mineral sunscreens use only the physical UV filter titanium dioxide. Additions such as natural argan oil, soya oil and vitamin E provide rich nourishment for the skin. Naturally, the Mineral Line is also free from microplastics, nanoparticles and perfume. The products are labelled as ‘reef-safe’ and they are very water-resistant. SWOX mineral sport sun protection is available as a pump bottle or face stick. The stick is especially useful for small, highly exposed patches of skin, such as the ears, neck and tops of the feet. It also makes it easy to apply without getting product on your hands.

for athletes off the job: the new swox daily care

Over the past ten years, SWOX has established a strong reputation in the sports industry as the ultimate sunscreen for athletes. But the experts at SWOX have also become increasingly involved with skincare in general.

“Years of experience from testing our products in extreme conditions has taught us a lot about how to protect the skin from environmental stress. Sun radiation, cold, wind, dry air, pollution and make-up are just a few of the stress factors we subject our skin to on a daily basis,”

according to Maximilian Jagsch, Co-founder and CEO at SWOX. The new SWOX Daily Care Face Balm (SPF 20) both protects and nourishes the skin and should be applied approximately 15 minutes before heading outside. This moisturising and mattifying face cream offers optimum stress protection, with high-grade natural ingredients such as organic hemp seed oil, argan oil, mineral UV filters and soothing aloe vera. Organic Karanja oil is a powerful antioxidant and offers a natural level of sun protection.

Swox Sport Sonnenschutz Hautpflege
A sigh of relief for the skin – The SWOX Aloe Vera Line

With the introduction of the new after sun Aloe Vera Line, the SWOX product palette comes full circle. It is the first time the German brand has launched after sun products on the market. The Cell Boost Aloe Gel+ is a classic after sun fluid, while the new Hydro Repair Cream provides deep, regenerative hydration. All products in the Aloe Vera Line are vegan, organic and free from palm oil.

The Hydro Repair Cream has a wonderfully light texture, absorbs quickly and deeply locks in lasting hydration. It’s the perfect day or night cream and provides fast relief for stressed skin after long surf sessions. In addition to aloe vera, the vitamin D booster ECTOIN ® protects the skin from premature aging from UV radiation as well as cell damage from blue light.

The Cell Boost Aloe Gel+ works equally well as a daily moisturiser or a refreshing after-sun skincare product. This ultra-hydrating, non-sticky formula provides the ultimate fix for element-stressed skin. Organic aloe vera extract, the stress protection molecule GLYCOIN® and the triple-hydrating hyaluronic acid booster AQUAXYL™ visibly counteract sun-induced irritation, skin pigmentations and tightness – you can almost hear your cells sigh with relief!

#swoximpact – sustainability lies in the detail

“Modern, sustainable packaging technologies are already readily available. It’s up to us as producers to use them. It’s 2020, there are no more excuses for products to be packaged in non-recycled packaging or single-use plastics ,”

explains Maximilian Jagsch. All SWOX products currently on the market are packaged either in 100 percent recycled or fully recyclable materials. For example, SWOX packaging is typically made of glass or 100 percent recycled plastic, depending on the volume and weight of the product.

This year, the sunscreen brand took a step further by replacing its paper labels with more sustainable stone paper. Stone paper is made from calcium carbonate, a byproduct of limestone quarrying, which eliminates the need for plant fibres in paper production.

SWOX ingredients and formulations are produced entirely in Germany, Switzerland and Portugal. All finished products are made in Germany. In each country, SWOX works closely with the best raw material providers. Portugal has become a strong partner in the sourcing of organic aloe vera for SWOX skincare products, which grows in the Algarve.

But the company’s mission to promote sustainable practices doesn’t stop there. Two years ago, SWOX chose to dedicate a section of its website to sustainability. SWOX Impact is packed with practical tips for an eco-friendlier lifestyle, sustainability success stories from the SWOX community and current scientific research.