Surf Europe recommends SWOX!

As Surf Europe poetically puts it: “there are suncreams, and there are suncreams”. Some suncreams contain nasty chemicals that can affect our health and harm coral reefs. Others, like SWOX, don’t.

One of those chemicals, oxybenzone, was recently banned in Hawaii. Surf Europe took the opportunity to recommend three suncreams that are oxybenzone-free and specifically made for surfing.

SWOX Sunscreen Zinc 50 beige is top of the list, thanks to the benefits that all SWOX products offer: 

  • developed especially for surfers and athletes demanding extreme sun protection
  • extra waterproof
  • doesn’t sting your eyes
  • no greasy residues
  • dermatologically tested, free from perfumes and parabens
  • extra protection and nourishment from vitamin E and provitamin B5 (Panthenol)
  • free from von oxybenzone
  • biobased packaging

Special features of SWOX Zinc 50 beige:

  • maximum sun protection
  • beige color pigments for tropical conditions
  • extra waterproof, perfect for long surf sessions
  • no chemical filters
  • no mask effect
  • extra protection from zinc
  • for parts of the face and body which are most exposed to the sun

Read the full review here.