Podcast: Afridun Amu talks to Get Wet Soon


One of our favorite Get Wet Soon podcast episodes of last year is SWOX Athlete Afri Amu‘s take on his home country of Afghanistan, the Olympics, the Wavriders Association of Afghanistan and his new documentary “Unsurfed – Afghanistan”. Tune in and find out how Afri played Kelly Slater and what it felt like coming back home after more than 20 years.

GET WET SOON Podcast: Afridun Amu

When Afridun’s family had to leave Afghanistan, he was only 5 years old. The family found a safe new home in Germany, where he grew up and went to school. On one of his first trips after finishing school, he got in touch with surfing. Needless to say he was instantly hooked. This spark a life long passion that not only brought him joy in the water, but set him on a journey back to his home country. He founded Wavriders Association of Afghanistan and is on course to compete in the Olympics on team Afghanistan.

With his river-surfing documentary “Unsurfed”, he put Afghanistan on the map of surfing. Get Wet Soon podcast host Thomas Zielinski talks to Afri Amu in Berlin, Germany. The two have an inspiring and surprising 45-minute long conversation in German. The podcast episode is a must for everybody who’s interested in surfing, river-surfing, culture, the Olympics and sharing the stoke!

LISTEN TO: Putting Afghanistan on the map of Surfing