Vehicular exploration: Steffi Marth and the BMW x SWOX Scrambler motorcycle

Steffi Marth and BMW Motorcycles

photo: Marco Fischer




Steffi Marth and BMW Motorcycles Alps

SWOX Athlete Steffi Marth is a professional mountainbiker. But that’s just half of this story. While she loves airtime and trails on her non motorized Trek bike, she also enjoys motorcycles. So much, that this year Steffi Marth and SWOX teamed up with BMW motorcycles again for a special edition of the infamous RnineT Scrambler



After an inspiring partnership in 2019, SWOX and BMW Motorcycles are hitting the road together again in 2020.

“The motorcycle involved in this partnership had to be the Scrambler. The way the Scrambler combines a street bike and off-road skills represents the way we like to think of our passions. It means endless freedom. Just because the beaten path ends somewhere, doesn’t mean you can’t keep going”, says SWOX CEO and co-founder Maximilian Jagsch.

Steffi Marth and BMW Motorcycles mountainbiking

photo: Marco Fischer

Steffi Marth and BMW Motorcycles

Steffi Marth has been riding rugged two-wheels for over two decades and certainly knows what a good ride feels like. The German pro mountainbiker has been on the podium at the MTB World Championships multiple times in the last few years. So being a pro is not only true for her bikes (non motorized and motorized) –  but also for everything that comes with riding for a long time in general.

“For me sun protection is super important because I am outdoors all the time and especially on the mountain we are very exposed to the sun. I also struggle a bit with skin problems that are caused by UV light so sun protection is key for my every day routine”, says the German mountainbike pro. 

This summer, watch out for Steffi on her SWOX x BMW R nineT Scrambler on the road or on her Trek bike on the trails.

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