Alexandre Neto

Cumbuco, Brazil



Kiting since


favourite trick

or wave 360
duotone, swox


“SWOX is a sunscreen brand that has good quality together with a great image on the water sports scenario”

Alex Neto

Alex, you have been kiting since 2007, do you have a favourite spot?
Cumbuco, Cauipe Lagoon

Which is your favorite board?
Team series from duotone, massive pop and offers me good landings!

Who or what inspires you? What is your passion in life?
My Dad, he never did any water sports, but he showed me how to behave during my journey! My passion is make others happy like I always try to be!

If you had to pick two athletes, dead or alive, to go kiting/training with. Who would they be and where would you go?
Reno Romeu for some good laughs and Carlos Mario(bebe), for being such a show man on the water, cape town with reno and somewhere with constant wind and flat water with bebe like speed spot (dakhla)!

Which is the best city to live on earth and why?
Where I come from, northest of Brazil(Cumbuco), good wind, great spots to kite,
good açai!

Do you follow a special way of life? 
kiting makes me feel greatful, isnt all about training hard fighting for the first place but feeling happy while doing what you love it´s the most important, I do try to eat healthy but pizza is too good to leave behind hahahaha!

What do you want to achieve next?
Do my best to be on the top of the world freestyle tour ranking and keep smiling!

Is there something more you want to tell us?
Besides kiting I love doing some crazy buggy rides in the dunes, if you follow me on social media
you will see some fun action!!!

One quote about SWOX. How did you get to know the company?
it´s been a while already that I´m looking for to represent a sunscreen brand, that have good quality products as is important for an athlete who spend hours in the sun, and swox is a brand that got that together with a great image on the water sports scenario by supporting big names such Jordy Smith, Bruna Kjiya and more!