Alexandra Volkmar



running since


favourite trick

just take my shoes and get going

Adidas, SWOX

if you run for a few hours you are still 100% protected.

Alexandra Volkmar

Who or what inspires you? What is your passion in life?
Movement everyday, even better if I can share it with friends. Especially what fascinates me is, how running got a team sport, mainly driven through my role as a captain of Adidas Runners. 

Do you follow a special way of life?
My idea of life is balance. In sports and in nutrition. There are no limits and regrets, but in general I would say I have a very healthy lifestyle, which is an important fundament.

Best city/place to live on earth and why?
Capetown. For me it is the best of 2 worlds- City & Nature.

What are your goals for 2020? What do you want to achieve next?
I just got a baby. I am already feeling quite strong again, what I never thought after 6 month of giving birth. I want to run a marathon this year and try to set a new personal best on a half marathon distance.

Is there something more you want to tell us?
To all the young families out there, keep on following your dreams of sports. You can still do (almost) everything. Just with a little less of speed.

One quote about SWOX. What do you think about SWOX? How did you get to know the company?
Seriously- the best sunscreen ever!!! I have used SWOX products for a few years, they got better and better. Now I don’t want to use another one. If you run for a few hours you are still 100% protected without feeling/ tasting sunscreen.

foto credit: Phil Pham, Stefan Wieser, Helge Röske