Okinawa, Japan



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favourite trick

fs 3 no grab 
+18 / -12
Bataleon, Sessions, Monster, Crab Grab, Northwave 

“Best city for me is Innsbruck!”

Ethan Morgan

Ethan, you have been snowboarding since 1998. Do you have a favorite spot/city for living and do you follow a special way of life?
Innsbruck, its the center of all action sports in europe. I live the life of keeping a good balance. I eat healthy, do lots of sports, so that i don’t have to have a bad feeling when i get drunk at the bar and smoke cigs.

Who or what inspires you?
Everybody inspires me who has fun doing his sport. And good music, preferable Electronic music!

If you could pick two athletes (dead or alive) to go snowboard / train with, who would they be and where would you go?
I would love to go ride with Niel Armstrong on the moon.

What do you want to achieve next?
I am fully focused on finishing up my 2 year movie project that will be on the internet in fall 2020, and also i have my DIYX events that i still want to make happen.

Is there something more you want to tell us?
just ride hard, party hard, have fun and make mistakes.!

What is SWOX for you?
I was introduced to the company by a friend ten years ago, and the product just got me hooked instantly, especially because my skin is very sensitiv. I need a solid guard for the sun and swox makes good stuff!