Julia Muniz
Nick name:

Espirito Santo, Brasil



windsurfing since:


favourite trick:

get barrelled
SWOX, Redley

“I really love the SWOX products. In braSil, its hard to find sunscreens with good quality and all my friends who try SWOX are impressed.”

Júlia Muniz

Hey Julia,

do you have any nick name?
All my friends simply call me Ju.

You say you have been surfing now for 4 years more or less. Do you have a favorite surfspot yet?
Yes, Salina Cruz in México is epic. Definitely a place to be!

And what would be your favorite spot for living?
Commonly known, Australia has incredible waves, a beautiful scenery and the weather is good most of the time throughout the year.

So Australia inspires you or is there anything else? What´s your passion?
Well, just being at the sea inspires me and travelling is my passion. I want to travel the rest of my life.

Do you follow a special way of life?
Yes, I believe in energy and I always try to be with good thoughts. And not to forget: SURF FOR FUN!

And if you could pick two surfers, dead or alive to go surfing with, who would they be and where would you go?
I would love to go for a chilled surf session with Rob Machado and Dave Rasta Rastovich in Nias, a spot in Indonesia.

Which board would you use for this session? Which board do you usually favour in the water?
My favourite board is my 5´5 from boards4fun . It is very fast and works on various type of waves.

What are your future goals? What do you want to achieve next?
I have intended to go live in California in the first half of next year to improve my surfing with best waves, produce images and be in contact with major surf brands . After that, around June , I plan to go to Costa Rica for a month to produce images and carry out some projects . To accomplish this and other future projects , for example living in California on longterm, I’m looking for a major sponsorship. I love to travel, explore new places and I hope to be an inspiration for other people!

And what do you think about SWOX and our products?
I really love the SWOX products. In brazil, its hard to find sunscreens with good quality and all my friends who try SWOX are impressed.