Nick name:
Munich, Germany
surfing since:
favourite trick:
Frontside 360°

“Never stop working on yourself to become a better person.”

Karina Rankine

Hi Karina, how do your friends call you?
They call me Kara.

You say you have been surfing now for only four years. Do you have a favorite surfspot?
Any good spot with ridable waves. And for sure the Eisbach river in Munich in Winter.

Nice. Which board-shape do you prefer?
A Clayton Riverboard 5.2. The best mix between carving and trick performance.

Kara, who or what inspires you?
I get inspired by discovering the world around me. Other good minded people, nature. Water is my passion – already in my childhood it was hard for my parents to get me out of the water. Haha!

If you could pick two surfers, dead or alive to go surfing with, who would they be?
I would not pick any pro surfer or a special place… I would pick my best friend, my boyfriend and explore undiscovered spots far away and still hidden.

Because of your surfing you have been traveling quite a bit. Which is the best city for you and why?
Hmm, I would say I am still searching for that. Don‘t get me wrong, Munich is awesome 🙂 I would love to live at the ocean one day and enjoy long summer days.

That sounds like fun. And at last, do you have your own way of life?
Never stop working on yourself to become a better person.

What are your goals for 2018?
I want to rise the level in girls river surfing, learn new tricks and maintain my title as European champion.

Thanks for your time Kara! We wish you good luck for the upcoming competition and stay as positive as you are!
Thanks! I am happy to be in the Team!