Nick name

Munich, Germany

snowboarding since


favourite trick

To borrow somebody else’s parking ticket.
But I guess you meant corked back fives.
SWOX, Gore,
Salomon, Oakley,

“Awesome sunscreen & such a cool team behind SWOX!”

Konsti Schad

Who or what inspires you?
Definitly Music. It can change or support your mood so quickly and powerfully. When you ride with music everything can be all different just by skipping to the next track. My friends, my family and all the good people out there.

If you had to pick two snowboarders, dead or alive, to snowboard with. Who would they be?
I’d wanna visit Bryan Iguchi in Jackson Hole. You’re welcome to be number two, but you’d have to pay for the heli ;-).

Which is the best city on earth for you and why?
Munich. Beer. Mountains. Surf. Bavarian Food. And Beer again.

Fine, do you have your own way of life?
I think we’ll all grow old soon enough and it might just suck, so I live today and worry tomorrow.

What are your goals for 2018 and what do you want to achieve?
To (please just one winter!) not get injured, while doing what I love, so I can actually surf on the annual after season surf trip.

One quote about SWOX?
Awesome sunscreen & such a cool team behind SWOX!