Marlon Lipke
Nick name

Lisbon, Portugal



surfing since


favourite trick

the Jedi mind trick
FCS, Oakley, Nixon,
SWOX, Protest, Vans,
X-Markets, Planet Sports, ZENTROM, Gorilla,
König und Kollegen

“I drink chocolate milk cause this is how I role!”

Marlon Lipke

Hi Marlon,

how do your friends call you?

You say you have been surfing now for twenty years. Do you have a favorite surfspot?
Any spots with ridable waves. The variety is what makes it exciting!

Well, thats true. which board-shape do you prefer?
My 6,0 19 2, 1/4 squash tail from Semente, it’s just a perfect all-round board for my size.

Hulky, who or what inspires you?
My family and just about everything on this planet.

So what about snowboarding?
I have snowboarded for about 2 hours of my life time, surfing for so many years. Fuck thats quite a lot surfing I have done. Got to go snowboarding some more to balance it out a bit.

And if you could pick two snowboarders, dead or alive to go surfing with, who would they be?
Boris and David Benedek.

Good choice, and where would you go?
Just around the corner from my house in portugal, blasting waves all year round.

Marlon, because of your surfing you have been travelling all over the world. Which is the best city for you and why?
Uff, that’s hard cause there are so many. Hamburg city is amazing and that’s where my family is from. But I also like to spend a day or two when traveling in Sydney, Singapore or Los Angeles. Good shopping and fun times.

That sounds like fun. And at last, do you have your own way of life?
I drink chocolate milk cause this is how I role.