Trail Running
Martina valmassoi

Pieve di Cadore, Italy 



running since

6 years as Trail Runner 
Salomon, Atomic, Jaybird & SWOX


“SWOX is the best sunscreen ever.

Martina Valmassoi

Who or what inspires you? What is your passion in life?
The mountains and knowing new places are my biggest inspiration.

Do you follow a special way of life?
I do not follow any particular diet (sure I eat all good stuff 😉 ) lots of fruit and veggies. I like to push myself with personal goals that I set early in the season- not necessarily races. I do like to see how far I can push my body.

Best city/place to live on earth and why?
I love where I live- the dolomites. I have everything I need here. Spectacular places, friends and a quiet life.

If you could pick two athletes (dead or alive) to go run / train with, who would they be and where would you go?
I have been lucky enough to meet some of my personal heroes already through what I do. I would always be happy to share a training with these 2: Rory Bosio & Laura Orgue.

What are your goals for 2020? What do you want to achieve next? 
I have planned to race 2 big races this summer Lavaredo Ultra Trail and TDS (one of the big race from UTMB). But first I hope to recover fast of an injury, afterwards I start planning more!

One quote about SWOX. What do you think about SWOX? How did you get to know the company? 
I think SWOX is the best sunscreen ever, I really love using it! Normally I don’t like putting something on my skin, except SWOX.