Michi Mohr
Nick name:

Munich, Germany



surfing since:


favourite trick:

big drops, barrels,
sushi rolls
Light Board, Rusty,
Cskins, SWOX

“SWOX – a great product with one of the best and stylish logos I know!”

Michi Mohr

Hi Michi, as a passionate surfer, what are your favorite spots around the world?
I like big wave points for example at the Spanish North-coast and Macaronesia.

When have you discovered your passion towards this sport?
I am actively surfing since around 1994.

And which tricks are belonging to your favorite ones?
I would say big drops, sushi rolls and I loves barrels.

Which board do you prefer the most when you are out in the water?
The board I probably ride the most is my 7’0 light board corp REV rounded. This go-to board is suitable for most conditions and I guess I can perform at my best with that board.

So what or who inspires you the most? What is your passion?
I guess everyone who explores finds his own path, has its own passion, does certain things for a specific reason and does’t make a fuzz about it. Well, and my passion is surfing solid waves without having too many people in the water.

Do you follow a special way of life?
I changed my life a fair bit in the last couple of years for the better, far happier and less consuming way which feels really good. I got some super positive influences recently, which made me eat healthier and focus / believe in new goals and step into the unknown. Surfing everyday, no matter if it´s 1 or 25ft. is my training.

In your opinion, what is the best city/place to live on earth and why?
Perth / San Sebastian / Lisbon are pretty sweet cities to live in. However, I prefer the more rural life in Northern Spain and Northern Portugal. Really relaxed, cheap, beautiful, and surrounded by clean and uncrowded waves.

And if you could pick two athletes, dead or alive to go surfing with, who would they be and where would you go?
I would probably take Andy Irons to my favorite right hand points on a 10ft. swell and watch him put on a clinic. His rail-game in solid rights was second to none. And maybe go jump off a ski ramp with Eddie the Eagle, who used to be a childhood hero with a great attitude in the 1988 olympics. Recently, they have produced a movie about him and I really want to check it out. I share his attitude, that your best motivation are people telling you: You can´t do that.

What are your goals you want to achieve in the near future?
Happiness close to the ocean and score solid waves, nothing more!

Is there anything else you would like to share? Any quote, wisdoms etc.
Every once in a while you should check if you´re doing what you wanna do.

One quote about SWOX. What do you think about SWOX? How did you get to know the company?
SWOX – a great product with one of the best and stylish logos I know. Knowing all the guys involved I hope you extend the range and get the word more and more out there.