Seppl Ramsbacher
Nick name

Salzburg, Austria



snowboarding since


favourite trick

bs 720 indy nosebone
Therme Amade, SWOX


“I am happy and stoked to be a part of it! Best sunscreen for me!”

Seppl Ramsbacher

According to your years of experience in snowboarding, we are excited to know, which spot you prefer the most?
I enjoy Absolut Park Flachauwinkel, Austria.

Tell us, about your favourite board and the advantages to others?
My favorite Board is the Burtonsnowboards Free Thinker. It is for hot laps in the Park, Pipe or mobbing side hits across the mountain.

As an athlete do you follow a special way of life
Healthy food, nature, hiking, trying to do as much sport as possible, meditation.

What inspires you and what is your passion in life?
The only thing I know is that I will always follow my passion. Ride my own way, no matter what people say!

If you could pick two people to ski with, who would they be and where would you take them?
Grilo and Clemens! We would go to Alaska, riding the backcountry and having some beers.

Where would you like to live in the near future or what do you think is the best place to live on earth and why?My hometown because it is just 20 minutes from the Absolutpark.

What are your goals for 2018? What do you want to achieve next?
Do film my own video part.

Is there something else you want to add?
Ich verliebe mich alle 11 Minuten in einen neuen Drink. Ich barshippe jetzt.

What do you think about SWOX?
Honestly my girlfriend had the idea to work with SWOX and now I am happy and stoked to be a part of it! Best sunscreen for me!