Gosford, Australia



surfing since

20 Years of surfing,
7 years professionally

favourite trick

Stand tall tube to
Larry lay back
Piping Hot,
JR Surfboards, LIIVE,
Farking Surf,
C-Skins, SWOX,
Futures Fins


“SWOX zinc is the first thing I pack when I go to the beach.”

Wade Carmichael

Do you have a favourite surfspot?
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Which is your favorite board?
JR Surfboards, BAMBAM model. They feel amazing under my feet and are made with top quality materials.

Who or what inspires you? What is your passion in life?
Mick Fanning is my inspiration both in and out of the water. My passion is to enjoy every moment and help others see the positive side of every situation.

If you had to pick two surfers, dead or alive, to surf with. Who would they be and where would you go?
Mick Fanning and Andy Irons for sure. We’d go on a boat trip in Indo, get pumping waves and have a hell time.

Which is the best city on earth and why?
The Gold Coast because of the dreamy right hand point breaks!

Do you follow a special way of life? 
I try to make the most of everything because we are here for a good time not a long time

What do you want to achieve next?
For 2018 I want to finish in the top 10 as Rookie of the Year and next year I only want to improve so I’ll be aiming for a top 5 finish.

Is there something more you want to tell us?
Take care of our planet and it will take care of you.

One quote about SWOX. What do you think about SWOX? How did you get to know the company?
SWOX zinc is the first thing I pack when I go to the beach.” I like the fact that SWOX are using biobased packaging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and doing their part to help our planet. I met Max, co-founder of SWOX, by chance in a bar at J-Bay after the final and he told me all about SWOX. Straight away I knew I wanted to be involved, and I’m stoked now to be a part of the team.