SWOX collaborates with BMW Motorcycles

SWOX bmw scrambler motorcycle: events and partnership

In 2020 SWOX sun protection and BMW motorcycles are going to take a ride – on the road and with off-road ambitions. Surfers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike are driven by their passion and their aspiration for endless freedom. This feeling comes to life with the BMW motorcycle SWOX RnineT Scrambler. SWOX Rider and mountainbike pro Steffi Marth is fortunate enough to get her own SWOX / BMW Edition Scrambler for adventures off-limits. The partnership is riding into another year, after a successful 2019 season.

When the BMW Scrambler was introduced in the 1950ies, it already represented an image of motorcycling afar from established standards and deadlocked conventions. Naturally combining a street bike with notable off-road skills, that’s what the BMW Scrambler stands for. SWOX sun protection fits right in. While SWOX delivers the highest standard of skin protection and skin care, the products are made to guarantee sun protection during the toughest adventures in the water and on land.

SWOX BMW Scrambler motorcycle is a fusion of heritage and performance

While you sit back on the classic brown leather-style seat and check the waves, the sunlight will be caught by the matte foliation of the steel tank at golden hour. Of course the SWOX Scrambler comes with an all-black motorcycle board-rack as a standard accessory. Studded tires provide solid traction off the beaten path. Thus the SWOX Scrambler is a fusion of elegant retro heritage and best-in class 2020 BMW motorcycling performance.

The SWOX BMW custom bike will be going on vehicular explorations with SWOX founder Maximilian Jagsch and SWOX athlete and mountainbike pro Steffi Marth.

Steffi Marth is successfully riding bikes since over 20 years. Aside from being an outstanding professional mountainbiker, she loves riding motorcyles. Steffi is a go-getter: “I follow the YOLO (you only live once) way of life pretty hard. We really don’t have much time here, so I try to take every possible chance to do different and new stuff.“

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Experience SWOX Sun protection and the bmw Scrambler motorcycle

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