SWOX TV on Instagram with marine biologist Emely Siewert

SWOX TV marine biologist Emely Siewert

SWOT TV is a brand new formate on the SWOX Instagram channel. Marine biologist and surfer Emely Siewert hosts the short stories live every other Sunday. Watch them in rewind or live at @swox_com, if you’re interested in stories about the SWOX athletes, sustainability, new products and a look behind the scenes at SWOX.

behind-the-scenes look 

While the surf world was watching the world’s best big waves surfers charge Nazaré, Portugal, Emely Siewert was live at the beach. Thanks to her we got an impression of the ground shaking as the massive waves hit the reefs. After this kick-off, the next SWOX TV episode was all about an intro of herself and a special gift for friends and family right before the Holidays.

SWOX TV Emely Siewert

In a recent story, Emely showed everybody around on the SWOX website and shared insights about team athletes like Jordy Smith and Imogen Caldwell. Two weeks ago SWOX TV featured skin protection and picking the right sunscreen for your skin type and outdoor activity. In the most recent episode Emely introduced a new eco initiative from Bali, Indonesia called “Plastic Exchange”. The barter program empowers Balinese people to prosper by providing sustenance in exchange for collecting plastic waste.

Sundays are for swox tv

Tune in every other Sunday on the SWOX Instagram channel’s live stories or watch recent episodes in rewind. All past shows can be reviewed in the highlights section. Never miss a special deal, an exciting event, a new product release or important research on skin care and sustainability.



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