SWOX Athlete Susi Mai speaks at the UN

New York skyline during golden hour

Entrepreneur and pro-kitesurfer is panel speaker at the Blockchain for Impact Summit 2019

As a co-founder of the


Ocean Summit, SWOX athlete Susi Mai was a speaker at the

Blockchain for Impact Summit (BFI).

The event took place this weekend at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.



During this year’s

World Ocean’s Week
Susi had the pleasure to speak on a panel called ‘Ocean Action and Stewardship for our Life Support System’. During the summit, she lead the discussion together with Anoufo Havea, founder of the Tongan Voyaging Society and her colleague, Ocean Summit co-founder Jeremy McKane.

Susi Mai on screen at UN Headquarters

In short, the Blockchain for Impact Summit is focused on bringing the Blockchain community together. Above all to help solve the most urgent challenges of our day, by applying the technology to sustainable development and humanitarian goals.

“Big shout out to Sergio Fernando de Cordova and his team for making it all happen. I hope, we were able to inspire a few people in the room to take action for the oceans“,commented Susi after her talk in New York.


Susi Mai at UN for Blockchain for Impact Summit