Plastic Free July® gets year-round SWOX support

Plastic Free July Challenge

Plastic Free July®  is all about ideas revolving around plastic-free living and avoiding single-use plastics. The idea is to support people around the globe to live a more sustainable lifestyle with new ideas along the way. Just like SWOX the Plastic Free July Foundation was founded in Australia.

SWOX has been following and participating in the Plastic Free July movement for many years. Each one of us has adapted so many new ways of reducing the use of plastics, so much, that we felt the need to encourage our circle of trust – the SWOX community – to do the same.

Say No! to single-use plastics

Avoiding plastic and saying no to plastic is fun – It feels so good to see your trash bags empty!!

This year July is the kick-off for the SWOX Plastic Free Challenge. We want to create an interactive, social and live encyclopedia of the best real-life plastic-free living ideas for outdoor enthusiasts.

We have seen and adapted the classics, such as bringing along a refillable water bottle or packing lunch, but we want to have plastic-free eureka moments: Ideas that are easy to implement while making a big difference. However, this is only possible with the help of the fantastic SWOX community.

Plastic Free Living Water Bottle

Plastic-free ideas with a eureka moment

No matter if you show us how you tackle everyday situations, deal politely with stubborn cashiers, or if you are an engineer with an evolutionary idea – we want to know!

Each month we will be giving away a SWOX sunscreen and skincare bundle to the best ideas you share with SWOX.  Rest assured that we have done and will do everything we can to make this giveaway delivery sustainable in terms of ingredients, packaging, and shipping!

SWOX Plastic Free Challenge To-Dos:

  • Join the movement and tag @swox_com in your Instagram posts, stories, reels, or IGTVs and show the world your best hacks and ideas!
  • Turn on the buddy system: Share this article, our post, your post with your network…Spread the word!

Let’s carry Plastic Free July one year around the sun – it’s on!  #SWOXImpact




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