Boardsport Source recommends SWOX in Sun Cream Review

Swox sunscreen display on counter
European action sports business news outlet Boardsport Source just released their annual “Sun Cream Review” featuring SWOX as one of the key players in the market. This yearly sunscreen report is especially valuable for retailers, buyers, shop staff, surf & snow schools as well as any other action sports professionals in the European market.

The detailed interview features questions about why the products are especially made for those who partake in action sports, the changing attitude of customers towards sun care products, innovations, marketing campaigns, POS materials and key products for the upcoming season.

While SWOX co-founder and CEO Maximilian Jagsch makes a very concerned point about the term “reef safe”, he also emphasizes the joy that comes with working with world class athletes like Jordy Smith, Bianca Buitendag or Victor Fernandez and inspiring partners like W-Hotels or BMW.

Asked about why SWOX is outstanding for those partaking in action sports Maximilian Jagsch answered: “For surfers, by surfers. If you ask some of our top team athletes like world-class surfers Jordy or Wade Carmichael for instance, why they use SWOX sunscreen, it always comes down to extreme water-resistance, the high quality ingredients and the sustainability of the products.”


Foto: Sabrina Lutz, 12x German Kitesurf Champion. // Credit: Picture Service GmbH