SWOX product relaunch: Even more protection for your skin – and the environment

The German brand SWOX is known for its premium, high performance sunscreens for outdoor athletes. Now, SWOX products provide even better sun protection, easier application and eco-friendly biobased packaging.

The new range of sunscreens has updated product names, a broader choice of sun protection factors and a lighter consistency for easier application, sustainably packaged in “I’m Green™“ certified tubes. CEO Maximilian Jagsch explains:

“Our initial formula, SWOX Face SPF 30, was very well-received in the surf- and watersports scene. It had a slightly thicker consistency and provided a high level of protection for the nose, cheeks and forehead. We work closely together with our athletes and customers to develop and consistently improve our products. This new product line is our response to their feedback: They wanted a sunscreen with the same reliable protection, but a lighter consistency for faster application to the whole face and body. That’s how we came up with the new SWOX Lotion, which is also available for the first time as a SPF 50+ version.“

The brand new SWOX Sunscreen Lotion has everything a surfer needs, and leaves out the rest: No perfumes, no parabens, no eye-irritants and no greasy residues. Instead the lotion is easy to apply, extra water-resistant and absorbs quickly. The sun blocker titanium protects the skin reliably against sun-induced damages and irritation, supported by the antioxidant vitamin E and regenerating provitamin B5. Available with SPF 30 for the whole body and 50+ for the face SWOX Sunscreen Zinc is even more water-resistant. The sunscreen works perfectly for sensitive skin on forehead, cheeks and nose. A combination of zinc and titanium protects against sun-induced skin damage, again supported by the antioxidant vitamin E and regenerating provitamin B5.

SWOX uses sustainable tubes produced out of biobased Brazilian sugarcane ethanol instead of fossil fuels. The production process captures and fixes CO2, thereby offsetting carbon emissions.

With its new launch, SWOX is proud to welcome four high-profile athletes to its pro team: Lisa Zimmermann, the first German X Games winner, world champion and – without exaggeration – the biggest freeski talent in Germany; Italian kitesurfer Alberto Rondina, his British colleague and Cabrinah team manager James Boulding, and two-time world champion and multiple Brazilian champion, Bruna Kajiya. In her words:

“I really believe in SWOX and I’m honoured to be part of the team. When I’m on the water, it’s extremely important that I can rely on my sun protection products, especially spending so many hours training in the ocean. I’m really happy that I can trust SWOX products for my Diamond Chica Events, which create a wide community of strong, inspiring women in kiteboarding.”


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