Auto Motor und Sport Magazine features pro-surfer Marlon Lipke and BMWi

Auto Motor und Sport Marlon Lipke BMWi

SWOX Athlete and pro surfer Marlon Lipke is featured in an article in Auto Motor und Sport’s online magazine. The German surfer stands out with the recently launched collaboration between BMWi and SWOX.The “motor“ in Auto Motor und Sport is being redefined in recent years with electric vehicles taking up space in visibility and sales in Europe. The article “Diese Promis werben für Stromer“ (engl. „These VIP represent electric car manufacturers“) also lists international VIPs such as basketball legend LeBron James, singer and producer The Weekend, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams or Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, who are all sponsored and supported by other electric car manufacturers.

Auto Motor und Sport Marlon Lipke BMWi

Auto Motor und Sport features surfer Marlon Lipke and BMWi

Marlon, SWOX and BMWi fit right in next to other German athletes and VIPs and their electric vehicles, such as Jürgen Klopp, decathlete Niklas Kaul, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut or actor Jürgen Vogel.

While Auto Motor and Sport magazine is celebrating its 75 year anniversary this year, it has been the gold standard of automobile print and online journalism ever since. Fair to say that Marlon Lipke is one of the first surfers featured in the German magazine ever.

The partnership between SWOX, BMWi and Marlon Lipke is equally exciting for all stakeholders, as it comes during a time when fully electric vehicles gain momentum and it becomes more and more obvious that we have to change the way we travel. Again, what if sustainable brands, outdoor athletes and fully-electric vehicles would no longer just turn heads, but change minds?

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